Birding the Eastern Shore of Virginia

There are some great birding locations in the southern part of the Delmarva Peninsula, in Accomack and Northampton counties. Chincoteague and Assateague are best known, but there are numerous spots further south. Assuming you are traveling north from Norfolk/Virginia Beach over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (CBBT), I provide an ordered list of a few of these sites below, progressing south to north (click on the links for a map view).

Where to eat: there are not that many places convenient to the birding locations above, so here are a few options. Note that Island 1 of the CBBT also has a restaurant.

If you are visiting this area as a part of the VSO December Virginia Beach Weekend, some thoughts on an itinerary. Typically people head north to the Eastern Shore at about 11a.m., once the Saturday CBBT tour completes. If you are a fan of landfills, head to Cheriton first, before they close at noon. Then consider Sting-Rays for lunch. Next would be Kiptopeke and Magotha Road. Check if ESVNWR is closed off for hunting. Then to the Cape Charles locations. Once done there, if there is time and particularly if the tide is low, I'd consider a trip to Willis Wharf.